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  • December 22, 2016

Secret To Become A Great Logo Designer

Nowadays almost everyone can design a logo! But who can make perfect, beautiful and awesome logos? Only a few ones can. And what’s the secret behind the difference? Let’s find out.

To become a great logo designer you need to follow this things up:

Number #1, Eye-catching! The logo you are designing should catch the eye of anyone no matter how small it is or where it is printed or in which background. Remember, The logo is the main face, the identity of an organization, You know when I tell you apple you don’t imagine the iPhone, you imagine the logo it if. Although some people will imagine the fruit if they are hungry! So your logo should be eye-catching and unforgettable.

Number #2, A film tells a story in 2 hours, a TV commercial tells it in 20 seconds, a logo tells it in 2 seconds! So designing a logo with a meaning is the most clever job in the world and interesting as well. Yes, logos tell stories if you have a look. This arrow of FedEx representing moving forward, the other arrow of amazon.com says here you can get from A to Z.

Number #3, Think for which company you are designing the logo, what do they sell? what’s their product. Who are the target audience. It depends a lot on it. From this logo you can feel it that it’s a technological company and this is a fruit juice logo.

Number #4, Know what your client needs, know what’s the test of target audience, have a look at their competitors logos, and don’t copy them but think how it can stand out from them.

Number #5, Don’t be afraid to make a logo which is unique and out of the box. You are a designer your job is to make creative things not the generic things. Nike uses a swoosh, just a swoosh, so why don’t you try something else?

Number #6, Make your logo symmetrical and use color theory, Use complementary colors and or colors from the same squad. make your logo smooth and cute or grunge and abstract but it should be satisfying to the eyes. not disturbing. imagine if a customer looks at a product’s logo and thinks it would be better, isn’t this a failure of a brand? Many products’ logo designs are disturbing to me and I hate it.

Number #7, Before showing it to the client or if you are the owner of the brand before making the logo final, show it to your friends or anyone and see their reaction, take notes and re-think. re-create the logo if needed.

So, your logo should be eye-catching and attention grabbing, story-telling, perfect for the brand identity, satisfying for the target audience, answer to you client’ desire, unique and original, symmetrical and color theory based, and finally quality tested!

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